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Cashing in on Tragic Events to Harvest Viewership | A look at Materialistic Journalism

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If I were one of them, this article won’t have happened but because I am not one of them and hopefully not gonna be, I have to let this out as fast as I can. The question is,

What has become of journalistic ethics?

Probably, the internet would be mentioned multiple times for the demise of creative writing. I mean, writing with objectivity and creatively assembled information that stands to inform and educate society either directly, or indirectly with some touchy entertainment?

Am not saying these are not there at all, but the kind of journalism that has ingredients of building society by correcting the ills of society has seemingly evaporated thin.

Cashing in on Tragic Events to Harvest Viewership | A look at Materialistic Journalism 1
War in Ukraine – Rapper’s Suicide

What must have sparked this opposing viewpoint?

If you are living in my side of the world, there are two significant events that have taken over the entire news space for the past week. One is local and the other is global. Now let’s briefly take a look below:

1. The Death of a music Artist by Suicide

A South African Rapper with the full name Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado popularly known as Riky Rick was reported dead last week.
According to widespread media reports, the rapper died by taking his own life, that is, death by suicide.

Inasmuch as it’s painful for the family to lose someone they love dearly, no matter how it is another whole new storyline when it comes to media reporting.

While a few others might have the guts to report “as it is”, it’s a whole barrage of news from even the so-called mainstream media who wouldn’t normally have anything to do with talent development. But capitalizing on such a tragic event just to attract social media likes, and views.

In reality, the fall-out on Riky Rick’s suicidal death reporting is that of seeming glorification for “suicidal death’? Let’s hope all this massive reporting has no influence on society as if death by suicide is a cool thing. (Parental Advisory): “Never at all is it okay to commit suicide.”

2. Ukraine and The Russia Invasion of its Presumed Territory.

Just about a week or less now, the Russia Government officially enters the territory of their neighbor, Ukraine, officially declaring war.

While the adverse effects of war couldn’t be quantified, the ensuing media wrangling on a global scale is one that actually cuts deep into one’s attention.
The saturation of various news reports is almost becoming a worrying trend. The level of unverified publications on such a devastating occurrence as war is by no means fun.

What about the adverse effects of excessive fake news?

While some blame social media for all the fake news and low-quality information dissemination pattern, many expects that mainstream media should take a lead when it comes to the blame game.

“If mainstream media desist from vesting their interest in pockets of tabloid-like or mini-social media posts without details, the information-sharing space could be better.”

Inasmuch, as this editorial isn’t meant to trample on anyone’s modus operandi, it is a clarion call for more objective reporting with “soul and conscience” to take leadership when it comes to general news reporting.

If social media wants to abandon their primary role of socializing to now become players in the overall news circulation industry, then, they have to ensure all posts semblance of real-life events has to be factual.

The news is one of the most powerful tool of control on society. Therefore, it must have soul in it.

Christopher Odiley.

We all can play a better position in educating our generation to take precedence in setting positive examples for now and future generations. Part of achieving that is telling the truth all the time and stopping glorifying wrongs.

As usual, please share this article as you might be saving someone’s life. If you have any opinions or concerns, leave them in the comment box.

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Thanks for reading #peace.

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