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About Morgeez Magazine

Morgeez Magazine is a subsidiary of Morgeez Media Agency. The Magazine is a unique piece of digital content and information generation center for the Morgeez Organization. Bringing you original news pieces from within Morgeez Records, Morgeez Events, and all aspects of the operations of Morgeez.

What are the Main Focus of Morgeez Magazine

Using our technical ability on content creation, the magazine main focus is creating and publishing fresh news from the Morgeez entity in particular with special interest vested in sharing the most important news coming out of Morgeez Records, as it pertains to all Morgeez artists, events, music, drops, concerts, press releases and every element of information that the public must have and know about Morgeez operations in general.

External News Items Publication

With an emphasis on music news focusing on urban music and indie artists, Morgeez Magazine takes the publication of entertainment news seriously. Relevant music drops from another artist across all spectrum of the global hip hop community, rap, and the general urban music industry have big spaces in the magazine.

In partnership with other record labels and entertainment outfits, Morgeez brings you captivating news of urban events such as music competitions, talent searches, beauty contests and pageantries, concerts and festivals, and other entertainment news.

Trendy Stuffs and Music Merch

We love urban fashion and merchandise releases. We love sneakers and trendy fashion statements or trendy lifestyles as well. Morgeez Magazine is a true-to-type urban music and lifestyle magazine. Do you run an organization that needs to publish press releases? Artists’ music drops and biography publication? Launching new merchandise, Spreading the word about your upcoming events and concerts? Or just wanna pass out general information that relates to urban youths? Morgeez Magazine is the right place to be. Contact us now.

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About the Publisher

Christopher Odiley is the Creative Director of Morgeez Media Agency and Publisher of the Morgeez Magazine. Christopher Odiley is a talent himself from the music background he is also the Executive Producer at Morgeez Records.

Morgeez Magazine is more like a mouthpiece of the Morgeez Operations. It’s a centerpiece for original information about the Morgeez Operations.

The Founder – Mr. Christopher Odiley

You can learn more about Mr. Christopher Odiley here

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