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Launching: Afro Trip | Dedicated to African Urban Music on Morgeez Radio

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The program is called AFRO TRIP and it’s a special dedication to the promotion of all African urban music from all over the continent. 

The rich cultural endowment of the African music scene is a testament to the gift that the continent possesses when it comes to arts and culture. Hence it is imperative that Morgeez Radio being founded on the purposes of talent development and talent promotion by Morgeez Records is ready to use this platform to showcase the rich musical resources that lie within this continent.

Who Should Submit Music to AFRO TRIP?

Afro Trip as the name implies is a program that roams around the African continent. This program is an open platform for all independent urban musicians throughout the African Continent across multiple genres to showcase and promote their new music and their entire music career.

In other words, all music artists from any country and their urban musical genre should take this opportunity to submit their music for playlisting on this special program.

Submit Your Music and Book your Spot on Afro Trip

Are there Artists Interviews on the AFRO TRIP Program?

Part of telling an artist’s story is allowing the artists themselves to tell their own stories. This is why AFRO TRIP on the Morgeez Radio platform has a special segment of interviews where we will be able to chat with the artists about their career, and life in general.

The Interview segments will be a special fixture within the program as its core is a music program. Hence from time to time we randomly pick an artist as a featured guest who will be chatting with us exclusively and most importantly, his or her music being reviewed same time.

How Do One Submit Music to AFRO TRIP?

The submission is done on the Morgeez Support Desk. Artists or managers or their record labels representatives can submit the artist’s music for review.

Once we receive your submission and have a listen, then we get music playlisted on the AFRO TRIP program. And all things being equal, you might just be the lucky artist we picked for music review and the special interview. Submit now.

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