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Music Review: Black is King By Beyoncé | Another missed Opportunity?

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“ALREADY” from Black is King by Beyonce, tells a story about freedom and royalty for black people. Taken from her Visual Album and Musical Film, the music video is a sure missed opportunity to present Africa in different and modern perspective as always the case with Western media.

Before going further, let me first of all give Beyonce, kudos for assembling some of the brightest music artists from Africa on this project including Shatta Wale from Ghana.

That is commendable and a big friendly hand-shake on the back to the production team for knowing that Africa is home to all the kings of the world, “”Black is King”.

Having said that, the song opens to an exchange of pleasantries by 2 male voices. Great idea but first of all, let me reiterate that the voices used barely have any connotation with AFRICA they both sound like some borrowed voiceover clips performed by some American voice-over artist trying to sound like Africans. Having watched the clip over and over again, I kept on wondering in-which part of Africa do we hear people speaking like that? Just can’t come up with any specific region, otherwise, if you know, please leave your comments below.

What About The Visuals?

In every creation, circumstances or situations, the beginning of it all always matters. Hence the idea that some African man or boys in green body paints, sitting on top of trees are just as depiction of Africa as a jungle with some creatures living on trees?

Well, the great idea somewhat seem like a missed opportunity to to a positive story about Africa. “Born a king means living in the jungle? Then, some thoughts to be re-visited.

Beside the above, some would argue that this song shares convincing similarity with “Brown Skin Girl” by Beyoncé and WizKid. Have a look and share your thoughts.

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