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Another Window of Opportunity for Indie Artists | Music Promotion and Artists Manager

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What can artists achieve without the support structure and expertise of the manager and a promoter or PR services? These are the vital elements within the music industry that actually drives the success of independent artists.

The great news is that Morgeez has opened up a new window of opportunity for independent artists looking for management and promotion to be signed up to the company. This means that artists with a great body of works that need to be promoted and marketed, or artists with the need to find a professional manager that can help guide their music career, now have the opportunity of applying to join Morgeez.

How does an Artist Join the Morgeez Artists Management Porgram

The process of applying to the Morgeez Artists Management division by independent artists is very easy. Artists just have to visit the Morgeez Official Website and click on Join Morgeez Community

Once an artist has joined the Morgeez Community, He or she can now indicate their interest to join Morgeez Artist Management via a post update or through a private message to the admin. Once an indication of interest is received, artists will be contacted with the necessary steps to take.

Criteria for Signing up to Management and Promotion as an Artist

Artists who want to or are looking for an opportunity to join Morgeez Artists Management must meet this basic criterion:

  1. Body of work consisting of both past and very current music projects
  2. All Music projects or albums must have been completely and professionally recorded, mixed and mastered.
  3. Couple of music videos with a proper YouTube Channel that is very active
  4. Promotional videos and well organised / produced EPK.
  5. Understanding of music business and most importantly, understanding of the role of a manager and a promoter.
  6. Understanding of the principles of music publishing
  7. Must not have any form of management reltionship elsewhere.

The above are some of the main criteria for entry into the Morgeez Artists Management Family.

If you are a music artist without a manager, here’s your window of opportunity to be signed unto Morgeez Artists Management for proper and professional artists, management services. Go to the Morgeez Community now to indicate your interest.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below. Or you can simply chat with us at the Morgeez Community. Remember to share this with all your friends and social networks cuz you might be saving and helping someone’s music career.

If you would like to advertise in Morgeez Magazine, click here. For general brand promotion and business, inquiries go to the Morgeez Support Desk to submit a support ticket.

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