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Artist Must be Allowed to Showcase Their Works Worldwide | Unesco Consultant Explains

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One of the key points of the Unesco Convention 2005 which the artists can benefit from immensely, is invoking the Preferential policy which allows them to be able to showcase their works internationally.

This means that all ratifying countries have the obligation to allow musicians or all other creative artists to freely showcase their works without barriers or hindrance.

These are some of the crucial elements of benefits engraved within the 2005 Unesco Convention as unpacked by Ms. A. Joffe at the UNESCO CULTURE SECTOR Workshop, recently held in Conjunction with the (South Africa) Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture in Johannesburg.

In the first part of this interview with Ms. A Joffe, the Unesco Convention expert pointed out a series of Government obligations that can directly or indirectly enhance the growth of the creative industry. These speak to the immense opportunities that musicians without knowledge of these facts might be missing out on. Click here to watch the first part of the interview.

Government Called upon to include Freelancers in Definition of Employees

While expanding the definition of the Unesco 2005 Convention on the Creative Industry, the Unesco Convention expert has urged the Country’s Governments to include freelance creative workers in their definition of “employees”.

This according to Ms. Joffe will strengthen the economic benefit of the works of freelance creative workers within the Arts and Culture Sector.

Since the sector is mostly informal and creative workers strive more within this informal space.

” Lets take seriously, the informality of our sectors cuz its not going away.  Since people are informally organized and informally working”…

Ms. A. Joffe

How can Government Make Support Grants more Accessible to Artist?

Taking into account the dilemma faced by the creative artists and the industry in general during the pandemic lockdown, more than 90% of the artists complained or confirmed that they were unable to access any form of Government grants.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Government Department was under constraint for the fact that artists’ documents, in most cases, don’t normally conform with requirements.

In this dial situation, Ms. Joffe had called on artists to be more pragmatic and work in accordance with institutional rules and regulations. “They should know better”! She asserted.

By and large, this part of the 2-parts interview was a great eye-opener to the creative individuals or groups working in the arts sector and most importantly, a great information supply to the arts and culture department as well. However, one looks at it, it’s all worth listening, reading, and watching because “knowledge is power“.

Special Thanks to:

  1. The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (South Africa)
  2. The Hon. Min. Nathi Mthethwa
  4. Ms. A. Joffe – our Special Guest

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