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Artists Pitch Project | The Road to Discovery Update

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The Morgeez Artists Pitch Project is finally here. While organizers are still fine-tuning rough edges to the project, artists can be rest assured of a ground breaking event.

What is Artists Pitch Project?

For those who didn’t saw the introductory article, the Morgeez Artists Pitch project is a live performance enhancement program developed by Morgeez Artists Management in other to have artists perfect their crafts as the agency prepares them for commercial performances.

When is the Artists Pitch Project Taking Place?

According to the event information officially released on Morgeez Events Portal, the Artists Pitch Project is scheduled for late August as the roll out of its maiden edition.

What’s Benefit of the Morgeez Artists Pitch Project?

The event and its idea is looking exciting to the independent music community as artists who hasn’t been having much to do lately, will have a platform to showcase their performance skills on camera, have the opportunity to develop, rebrand and most of all, expect commercial performance bookings through Morgeez Artists Agency.

Finally, as we draw closer to the official event date, more information will be shared right here on Morgeez Magazine and also Events Updates on the Morgeez blog.

For the official released information about the Artists Pitch Project, visit Morgeez Events Portal.

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