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Review: Back to The Future | A look at talent development in Africa

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What is a Talent if it cannot be put to use? What is a dream, if it cannot be fulfilled? And most of all, what is an industry if it cannot create opportunities? These are key questions relevant to the career of every human being on the planet across all industries. The entertainment or performing arts industry is no different from aviation, health and so on.

Prioritizing Opportunities for Talents

The entertainment industry’s life span depends on the talents to survive while the talents themselves depends on their PERFORMANCE SKILLS to survive. But having all the talents in the world, without a proper developmental platforms, might just be fruitless. This is because talent is like a seed that needed to be sowed and nurtured to grow well. So, talent is already sowed in you by God, but now, its your turn to nurture it, through expert talent development programs accessible to you. This is where Morgeez Talent development program comes to play a huge role in your career. And no better place to get started than the Back to the Future Audition Series created by Christopher Odiley for Morgeez Talent Agency.

For, the success of every talent depends on the level of developmental process it went through.

Christopher Odiley
Models and Talents Audition Series

Why setting up this crazy idea called “Back to The Future”

I have watched the Africa entertainment industry for a very longtime and in-fact, all my life. The performing arts aspect of this massive industry has everything naturally required to be the best in the world. Massive body of talents roams the streets of Africa from every village to every town, from every hood to every suburb; raw talents are not hard to find. But what about developmental programs or to say the least infrastructures? This is where the dice rolls over the board.

I have decided to personalize this topic because of its magnitude and my passion for talent development. Just like the beginning lines:

What is a talent if it cannot be put to use? And what is a dream if it cannot be achieved?

Christopher Odiley

The above sums it all. Without a proper talent development structure, none of the above is easy to achieve. The Morgeez Talent Agency’s “Back to the Future” Audition Series is built to respond to the needs of grassroot talent development in South Africa and on the African Continent in general.

This program focuses on scouting the best talents and making them available for proper talent development by Morgeez in preparation for greater chances of available industry opportunities. This is a huge leap in the entertainment industry in general and the performing arts in particular. The program has kick-started its first rounds of Auditions and for more information about these audition series click on button below:

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