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Bill Cosby Rape Accusations and Sentencing – But why did it took so many decades and who could be next?

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Decades Rape Assault Accusations; Belated Rape Related Charges and Sentences. Who could be next in line. This is a scary question and my fingers are shivering as am typing this little review.

Sometimes, human beings need not be told told many stories and expected to believe them all, that he has read nor watched in the news screen. Sometimes, human beings shouldn’t always be pushed to the corner where make-believe stories should be compulsorily validated. This sounds like speaking in tongues but am not obviously. Nor, am I taking a stand on issues I barely can proof my understanding. Afterall who am I to question judgements? But just like human rights prophets made us understand, we all have the right to our opinions.

Getting people arrested for crimes they committed and getting them punished is one thing and getting people punished in something like uncleard circumstances is another. My insinuation is that what would have kept certain victims of sexual assults, rapes etc quiet for up to 20 to 40 years and above before coming out to persecute their so-called perpetrators. At what point in their lives that they have decided to see their pepetrator as a criminal who deserved to be locked up forever? What might have triggered their reflective memories to recollect and revealed all that has happened so many years ago sexually and to the point of reporting it as a crime against their being? What kept them quiet for this or so long? And most of all why now?

I wanted to keep quiet as well just like the suppsed victims of Mr. Bill Cosby’s alledged rape and assult crimes. But I am unable to keep a sealed lips as my heart kept on judging me. Clearly, I am not in possessson of the claims, allegations and copies of evidents. But the only human side to these stories is this simple question: “Why do it has to take so long for you to come out”?

Once this singular question is clarified, then maybe, others in similar circumstances will know how to deal with these issues earlier and better. For sure, Mr. Bill Cosby is not a politician running for offices or senate house. What is the motive for all these legal battales after so many years? Why did ya’ll kept it in the bottle for all these decades? I am just as curious as so many other people who somehow share these same sentiments.

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