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Press Release | About The Business Podcast for Creatives and Entrepreneurs with Christopher Odiley

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This is a special announcement introducing the new baby on Morgeez Radio. “Behold, there’s a new program dedicated to entrepreneurs and creative individuals called, “the Creative Business Podcast”.

What is, The Business Podcast For Creatives And Entrepreneurs?

Creative Business Podcast is an interview podcast program that is focused on telling the stories of entrepreneurs, enterprises, and small to medium business owners who are running their businesses successfully.

The program will use the common interview program process to engage our selected guests to share their stories from the beginning of their careers to where they are right now.

Guests will share their background and knowledge, about their crafts and most importantly, how they navigated through and through to arrive at their present positions.

Importance of Creative Business podcast and why listeners should tune in?

Because every entrepreneur has a unique experience and story to tell, stories that can stand out to be a lesson to up and coming entrepreneurs, hence the program serve as an inspiration to those trying to venture into business and those already in but standing on rocky pathways and even those doing nothing can get the same inspiration that will motivate them to dust their socks and pick up their creative mindset to try to push themselves to the limit and point of generations of positive results for themselves.

Serving as a Marketing Tool?

Sure, this is actually the benchmark and backbone of the creative business podcast in the first place. The program is aimed at giving a complete, unrestricted opportunity to entrepreneurs to share their stories, what their business is all about and how it impacts society and its overall benefit to humans.

This is a complete marketing opportunity for enterprises to showcase what they do, what motivates them, how they do what they do, and most importantly, why people should patronize their business or crafts to buy their products and services.

Business podcast for creatives and entrepreneurs
Creative Business Podcast

How can people apply to become a guest at the show?

Steps to enter the show as a special guest includes:

  • Go to the Morgeez Support desk and submit your story-
  • Go to the Morgeez community room submit your biography. That’s it! And we will get in touch with you.
  • All pieces of information will be used as part of the interview process. Since this is focused on marketing your brand and promoting your business or ideas, information must be correct, whole, and truthful to the core.

How much does it cost to participate as a guest?

There are no fees to be paid as a guest; to be interviewed Live at this stage
However, finished-content publishing and distribution outside of Morgeez Radio will incur marketing charges.
Secondly, after the publication, guests might request to have the original audio and video master files for them to republish on their own platforms or reuse, that’s what requires purchases as service on demand.

Where do the interviews get published?

Firstly, the live interview will stream on the Morgeez Radio network, then, on the MorgeezTV portal and share all over social media and linked platforms to the Morgeez Resources. Then you can reshare on all your social handles, emails, and other platforms as well.

Hence this is one great marketing opportunity that you need for your business, creative works, and your enterprise. Alternatively, if you just want a special premium podcast produced for your business, click here.

Or to submit your story to become our next guest of Business Podcast for the Creatives and Entrepreneurs, click here now.

We do appreciate your comments as usual. Leave them below. As usual, remember to share this information to all your social networks and via emails to all your colleagues and business associates. You might just be saving someone else’s business.

To learn more about Podcasting, click here. To advertise with Morgeez Magazine, click here. We are open to chatting through the Morgeez Community Center or providing answers to your business inquiries through the Morgeez Support Desk. Thanks for reading. Peace!

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