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News: Morgeez Releases “Its a Warzone” Visuals for Rap Battle Royale Competition

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The heat is definitely on at the Morgeez Records Headquarters as preparation for The Morgeez Rap Battle Royale spirals into top gear. Following the special announcement for the rap battle competition last week, the organizing committee has being at it every inch of the way.

#MorgeezPromotions has just release some fresh campaign visuals for the Rap Battle Royale Competition. The visuals which bares the tagline: “Its a War Zone, Natta Candy Shop”, are to be used for initial campaigns of the competition.

These visuals are just snippets of many more to come. This is a Rap Battle for the ultimate price of a record deal that can change some artists lives forever. So the stakes are very very high.

Christopher Odiley, President of Morgeez Records

Can Anyone Use these Rap Battle Campaign Images?

Sure the images are mainly for sharing special information about the Rap Battle Royale Comp. Hence anyone who is a fan of rap music, hip hop, poetry or just about anyone on the planet keen on promoting young talents, can use these visuals anywhere including their social media, prints and or any other platforms provided contents of the photos or images are not altered, or edited.

Can Someone Share these Images with Friends?

That’s the idea bro! you can share these images with your friends and family including your school, online community and anywhere else for promotional purposes.

These are campaign images aimed at notifying everyone about the Rap Battle Royale so feel free to share. Who knows? you might just be saving somebody’s music career.

With the launch of these visuals, the battle line has totally been drawn. It is now an open battlefield for the army of #rapmusic to take over. This is the ultimate opportunity #rappers would wanna grab to turn their music career around for good.

Please go to, the Morgeez Events portal for Rap Battle Royal updates, tickets and full brief. We appreciate your comments. Holla!

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