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Corona-virus: US President Trump Imposes Travel Ban on Europe Amidst Mixed Reactions

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The spread of the corona-virus on nations across the globe has left the United States President, Donald Trump with no other choice than to impose a heavy travel ban on some of its foremost ally nations across Europe. The ban has become imminent in an attempt to curb the rapid spread of the virus.

The President also blamed the EU countries for “failing” to take necessary and precautionary measures to control spread of the virus.

AP reports suggests that Homeland Security officials later clarified that the new travel restrictions would only apply to most foreign nationals who have been in the “Schengen Area” at any point for 14 days prior to their scheduled arrival to the United States. The area includes Italy, German, Greece, Austria, Belgium and others. It doesn’t apply to legal permanent residents, immediate family of U.S. citizens or others “identified in the proclamation.”

There has being no doubt that this is the one most deadly singular treat to the world in modern history with more than 4000 deaths reported and over 100k infections worldwide. The most fearful attributes of the virus is that, its spread across the four corners of the globe with China being the most affected followed by Italy.

Very recently, South Africa also happens to be the first country in Africa to have reported a few cases on the African continent but with fear of spread highly anticipated while the government has advise citizens to take precautionary measures.

The Sporting community globally has being thrown into total disarray as NBA has cancelled matches, played some indoors without fans and even shift league schedules. While in Europe, UEFA, Premier Soccer League, Rugby League and other sporting tournaments has being canceled and others postponed indefinitely.

Although, the Trump Travel ban has sparked many controversies as usual or typical of many Trump moves, but the reality on ground has barely any reason to doubt this kind of drastic step either.

Trump said he was also directing agencies to provide unspecified financial relief for “for workers who are ill, quarantined or caring for others due to coronavirus,” and asked Congress to take action to extend it.
Trump said the U.S. will will defer tax payments for some individual and business filers for three months to lessen the impacts of the virus outbreak. He said the Small Business Administration will also make low-interest loans available to businesses to help them weather the storm.
“This is not a financial crisis,” he said. “This just a temporary moment of time that we will overcome together as a nation and as a world.”
Trump also reiterated his call on Congress to pass a cut to the federal payroll tax in order to stimulate the economy, though that proposal was dismissed by many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. He remained silent on his previous calls to provide assistance to industries hard-hit by the pandemic like airlines and cruise ships.

Until the almost one month ban on EU countries expires, the corona virus has no plan of slowing down as immediate cure plan seems elusive at this point. We do appreciate your comment and shares.

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