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Crazy Tech: A look into the New Cruise Driver-less Car

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If the word Bling is anything to go by, then braze yourself for the all-new- Cruise Origin Driver-less car. This piece of mobile technology is something to cherish of beauty means beautiful. Its official name is “Origin,” and Kyle Vogt, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Cruise, is clearly excited to be showing it off. With a broad smile,

This car is made total for extraordinary automatic features applying both the “AI” technology.

Inside are two bench seats facing each other, a pair of screens on either end… and nothing else. The absence of all the stuff you expect to see when climbing into a vehicle is jarring. No steering wheel, no pedals, no gear shift, no cockpit to speak of, no obvious way for a human to take control should anything go wrong. There’s a new car smell, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s almost like cucumber-infused water.

Crazy Tech: A look into the New Cruise Driver-less Car 1
Cruise Drverless Car Interior

“The way vehicles are designed, normally they have a hood in the front where the engine is and some storage in the trunk,” “But when you don’t need all that stuff… we can have this enormous, spacious cabin without taking up any more space on the road than a regular car would. Which is kind of insane.” Kyle Vogt explains.

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