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Did WesKellar Slipped and Slide at Quizzico?

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Until the 5th episode of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale,  called Quizzico,  WesKellar had been leading the charge at the competition. So some assumed at least!

But as you would know that nothing is guaranteed at the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale competition,  not even victory as you have to work as hard as possible, contestants have brazed themselves to the surprises.

While WesKellar did not do too badly at the Rap quiz edition, there were speculations that the hardcore rapper, almost lost his footing in panic.  Although most of his answers were very interesting and informative,  haters believed that he could have done more.

Quizzico is not an in-your-face type of quiz. This quiz is specifically based on rappers’ knowledge of the entire music industry including aspects of Rap music. So doubts and speculations could be rest aside and let your imagination runs wild after you have watched the full Rap Quiz session with WesKellar.

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