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Opinion : Its Your Right to Hate Trump | Its Our Right to Love Trump

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I would have love to keep quiet and keep watching all the demonization, derogatory comments and blatant attacks on the personality of his Excellency, President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. But on the other hand, my conscience, keep judging me. And what is it that my conscience is judging me for? I couldn’t pick it up on time until, my memories served me right. Before I proceed, let’s start this way:

The Mission to Destroy a Duly Elected President

  1. Ever since Trump decided to run for Presidency, from the moment he announced his interest in the race, mainstream media led an absolute attack on him. Most mainstream media specifically, apparently changed or twisted all their programming to launch scaling attacks on the then, Republican Nominee, Donald J. Trump.
  2. In what seemed like a collaborative effort to ensure his failure at the ballot box in 2016, American mainstream media with the exception of Fox became obsessed with this destructive programming against Trump. They made sure that whatever good he does for the American people, didn’t matter. Except that the only thing that matters to them was to see him fail as a President.
  3. Then they instituted the Robert Muller’s Russia meddling probe which later became just a “hoax” and what some perceived as a failed coup against the president because their 40million dollar investigation mission could not implicate the President in any wrong doing between him and President Vladimir Putin of Russia.
  4. Then, came an impeachment move by House Democrats and duly backed once again by all mainstream media except Fox and few other local media. The impeachment move was sparked by a simple phone call conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President in which he had congratulated the Ukrainian president on his election victory. That became an issue of impeachment in the eyes of the American oppositions.

This list can go on and on. But I’m not going to do that. Anyone can research some of these unpalatable incidences created by the “Status quo” and championed by mainstream media in the US including big tech companies.

“The way the politics became so dirty and totally deviated out of policy to mere character assassination of a perceived political enemy was totally inconceivable from a Democracy and a country that claims to be the “Free World”.

Christopher Odiley

“It totally became: is either you are on their side, or you are just as demonic as their main enemy, Trump”

Christopher Odiley

Why We Love Trump

I am an ardent lover of politics, political stories, events and activities etc. Even Trump pundits will agree with me that, President Donald Trump, is not your usual politician. What are the characteristics of a usual politician? Great question, and here’s your simple answer: “Usual politicians do NOT keep to their campaign promises”. Period. And I know even Trump haters can testify. Because you know very well that the politician you are supporting right now, will soon disappoint you within the next 24months at least.

Now to simply put it, here are some of the few things that makes people of honest characteristics love and remain loyal to President Donald J. Trump:


  1. He is one of the most lovely family men alive today. A successful family man with the closest ties to his family.
  2. He is Godly and respects God even as he pays regular homage to God on campaign trails.
  3. He love his country like no-one else as his policies are all geared towards the development of the people of America through his program of  “AMERICAN FIRST”

Basic Policies and Achievements

Not to exaggerate nor claim to know too much about the achievement of his administration, President Donald Trump stood up to the corrupt “status quo” and world organizations in favor of his country.

  • He made NATO member countries contribute their fair shares
  • His “America First” policy stopped America from acting like “police of the world” and avoided causing intrusions and meddling of America into other countries internal affairs
  • No war – which means he is a man of peace as he even went ahead and negotiated a mutual pact between North Korea and the US, even in the midst of a looming war between America and North Korea as of when he took office.
  • Met with Vladimir Putin of Russia, a perceived enemy of US, and basically diffused the tension between Russia and US.
  • Took proper care of the Veterans
  • Created the all New Space Force
  • Created Opportunity ZONES in Blacks and Hispanic communities
  • Created an economy that directly benefited Blacks thereby reducing Blacks unemployment rate to its lowest level in the history of the United States.
  • The only president without corruption and bribery accusations while in office.
  • The Federal School Choice Scholarship Program
  • The Prison Reform

…and so on…. that I just have to stop here for now as this is just an opinion article and not a full book on Trump as yet.

“Might be your right to hate him but its our absolute right to love him. Please do not destroy this man. To some of us, he is the best father, friend and a hero in our times. He had showed us many things including honesty, strength, courage, love and will. Please do not destroy him for us; for, he is a God’s creation.”

Christopher Odiley

By and large, President Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States of America, is the best President the World has ever seen.

Let’s have your thoughts negative or positive.

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