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Editorial: Faded Red Project | A Golden Opportunity for Recording At Morgeez Studios

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There has been much talk for sometime now on social media and the internet in general about a gamechanger in the music industry.

The “Faded Red” Project is one-of-a-kind initiative dedicated to alleviating the burden of extreme cost involved in accessing and utilizing recording studios facilities. According to the President of Morgeez, the project creates rare and exclusive access to the Morgeez Legacy Studios for the period of 12 months.

This will be unlimited access to the Morgeez Legacy Studios for all sorts of recordings without limitations. This will go a long way in assisting independent record labels, managers and the music artists in their desire to record and release their musical works within the year, so easily and flexibly.

Christopher Odiley – Morgeez President

The Faded Red Project will allow all creatives in the recording industry have the ability to create new catalogs or expand the volume of their catalogs. Independent record labels who often find it hard to record and release their newly signed artists, have been uplifted through this program as they can now be able to record and release as many tracks for their artists as they want within the 12months period.

In a nutshell, more creative works will be or can now be recorded and released under the Faded Red project.

Who can Participate in the Faded Red Project?

There are no barriers or restrictions as to who can participate in the “Faded Red” Project at the Morgeez Legacy Studios. Anyone working in the recording industry is welcome to join the program. Musicians, producers, beatmakers, record labels, commercial audio producers and agencies are welcome.

How does The Faded Red Project Works?

It’s a once off bookings for period of 12months at the Morgeez Legacy Studios, Johannesburg. A year means from the moment you secure your studio bookings, you can then have unlimited access for entire 12months period.

Once your have done your bookings, it will then run for the period of 12months with unlimited amount of recordings. You can record and release single tracks, musical albums, audio books, podcasts, radio programs and many more audio projects within the year. It basically means you own the studio for entire year. How about that? This is an opportunity not to be missed. Click here to secure your schedule now.

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