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Editorial: What have You Done Right During Lockdown?

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The word “Lockdown” shall never be forgotten in a hurry. Big-up to the “novel” covid19 pandemic that has ripped through the heartbeat of the entire world. While some countries has taken stringent and highly unpopular measures to restrict the freedom of the masses even till today, others has decided to be more lenient as of recently.

The South African lockdown measures was highly praised by WHO and the President of South Africa was openly commended by his lockdown approach which saw businesses closed since March. While business owners and entire civil society languished in agony. Anyway, the pains and strains felt throughout the world, even as some countries still applies the hard-lockdown measures, is not what this article is all about. This article is about those with the heart and resilience that are able to sparkle all through with some sort of innovative approach to what they do.

So, the question is, from business to leisure, from physicals to digital, what were you able to achieve during the lockdown?

Christopher Odiley

Did You Managed to Achieve Anything During Lockdown?

Except you are in an official position where your work is highly protected, and most of all vital to the needs of the population (the so-called essential services); then you might have just also found yourself in precarious situation just like most people of the world.

Nevertheless, there’s always a good side to every bad story. While some are totally out of work by being dropped by their employers who can no longer keep their business afloat, others, seemingly found some new avenue for new revenue. Or perhaps device other potential means of survival either during these lockdowns, or maybe after the lockdowns are over. The situation varies from industry to industry, from profession to profession, from trade to trade etc. What have you done differently that adds or will add glimmer of hope to your career? A necessary question to ponder about.

What’s Your Next Move After Lockdown?

I keep saying after lockdown as if a have a date in front of me that indicates end of lockdown. #LOL.. alas! I do not have any such clue as to whether this will be over soon or not. Just like everybody else, I am just being optimistic just like the businesses and practitioners in the entertainment industry.

If you would ask me, this question about my next move? I would say probably finding means of re-integration into society. This is crucial as the whole world seemingly had been locked as though entire world is a prison yard without an exit gate. Having said this though, the determination and resilience demonstrated by people of the world at large, must be appreciated and this, in itself is an expression of hope and bigger things to come.

Lets have your thoughts on the comment section below. Thanks for reading. Please remember to share.

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