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Reasons to Join the Morgeez Community as a Talent

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After accessing the music industry, the performing arts, and related business practices surrounding these vital elements of our society, from Africa’s perspective; we have seen the need for a more coherent and corporative form of operation in unison. That is if we wanna make economic progress in these industries.”

Mr. Christopher Odiley – President of Morgeez Records

Overview of the Music and Performing Art Industry in Africa

In comparison, talents from various disciplines from all over the world have some sense of belonging, respect, recognition, and platforms that provide the support that enables rapid growth. But in Africa, these platforms and associated aims are hardly in existence. Don’t take my word for it, but this is the reality on the ground. If you had been in the music industry from as early as you can remember, you will realize and agree that there a barely any places to go for various talent development needs.

I am using this African analogy because this is where we find loads and loads of talents jostling for the rarest of opportunity for them to showcase themselves and get exposition to available industry opportunities. But no one pushes for massive talent development. Maybe the same assessment might also be valid in other continents in another part of the world.

Building a Community of Like-Minded Individuals or Group

By the token of measurement, it has become imperative that the music industry and performing arts in general as far as Africa is concern need some sense of community. By this I mean, a sense of belonging where talents from various disciplines converge on day to day or hours by hours bases to chat or post about their career, have discussions in a well organized and synchronized forum with the aim to share and imbibe knowledge that can help the industries at large.

This is something that is most needed right now. As we all know that these other mediums of communication will not assist the industry except there’s a big budget for advertising. Most importantly, the sense of community that will see talents learning from one another will be the way to go in this new world we are living in, going forward.

What is the Big Lesson and Takeaway from the Morgeez Community?

Besides the vision of Morgeez to build a community of great talents; the most important lesson is the benefit of professional cooperation that produces resourceful results.

Topping it all up is the state of mind of the talents. The ability to learn from one another, how these industries, i.e., music and performing arts industries really works. Knowing how things work is actually the backbone of the success of any profession or industry. Hence if we all can become a community, we will be able to share relevant knowledge and most importantly able to create our own industry where we are fully in control of everything from creation to manufacturing, to distribution and in turn, create the much-needed wealth that we all desperately needed.

Having said this, though, there are uncountable reasons to become a member of a niche community like the Morgeez Community. It is therefore advisable that if you are a musician, producer, actor, dancer, etc, or creatives such as writers, video producers, photography, etc.; whether you are in theater art, the music industry in general, you are advised to join the Morgeez Community today. Click here to join now, it’s absolutely free.

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