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Faded Red Project | Granting Unlimited Studios Access to Producers | Artists and Indie Labels

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Keeping it creatively innovative has being the tradition at Morgeez Records, and the all new, Faded Red project is the answer to our passion for contribution to the music industry

Quick Run of Artists, Producers and Record Labels Beneifts

“Faded Red” is designed to assist the music artist, or record labels including independent music producers to have unlimited access to the Morgeez Legacy Studios Facilities in Johannesburg, South Africa

The “Faded Red” Project will create further opportunities for talents in such disciplines such as: Live Performance and Productions. These talents includes musicians, actors, models, comedians, voiceover artists and more. Other talents that will benefit from the projects will include filmmakers such as camera operators, editors, photographers, producers, writers, beatmakers, and other technical talents.

faded red promo - morgeez legacy studios
faded red recording studio promo

Here’s the opportunity all talents have been waiting for. Absolutely!

Christopher Odiley – Creator of “Faded Red” and Executive Producer, Morgeez Records

The “Faded Red” Project will eliminate the usual norm where music artists will be put in a tight space financially in the sense that they are unable to afford recording studios times due to high prices.

The project creates the ample opportunity for independent record labels and music producers to have access to unlimited recording studios sessions all year round. This will allow for enough space and time to create beautiful albums for artists and release them within the year.

At Morgeez, we create the opportunities, for the music artists and independent record labels to excel. This is what “Faded Red” is all about.

Tessy – Head Marketing at Morgeez

To learn more and be part of this awesome project click on button below:

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