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Q & A: Christopher Odiley Shed Light on “Find Your Voice” | Vol 1 | The New Voiceover Handbook

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The voiceover discipline of performing art is one that has great potential but hardly have the kind of appreciation it deserves. Blogger and author, Christopher Odiley shed light on this awesome industry with all its abundant opportunities in his latest Handbook titled: “Find Your Voice” – Vol.1.

Good day, Mr. Chris. Firstly congratulations on your new handbook. I must tell you, I personally appreciate your effort and insight into the subject matter, ” Voiceover”…

Thank you. When one thinks of the immense opportunities within the voiceover industry and the lesser attention it gets, there’s an urgent need to highlight its importance.

But why voiceover though? Of all the disciplines in performing art?

This is one aspect of the performing arts that is present in nearly every sphere of life and every area of the media industry. There’s voice everywhere, especially in all electronic media production including digital media and all that. The human voice is the engine of the broadcast and telecommunications industries and this makes it even more relevant to be talked about. And be glorified.

Firstly, I must commend your vision to touch on a matter of high importance such as voiceover with the intent to elevate it to the right status. So what do you think people with passion or talent for voiceover should do?

Simply, read the ” Find Your Voice” vol.1 Handbook. This is what the book is all about. Exposing the various opportunities available to them;
Secondly, learn about how to harness their talent and passion to become commercially viable;
Thirdly, learn how to get themselves booked for paying gigs, and securing the bags, doing what they love.
This is mainly what the handbook is all about.

Great stuff. That in itself is an employment generation guide I must say.
So where can people find this handbook to buy?

As you know the book is published exclusively by Morgeez Publishing and its distributed for commercial retail through the Morgeez official store at

There you have it, folks, if you wanna get headway in the voiceover industry, here’s your chance with all the help you needed to succeed. Grab your copy of the “Find Your Voice”, Handbook now, and get your career off the ground, or improve an already existing one.

Visit to buy your instant download and take your career to the next level.
Until next time, Peace!

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