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Musicians Called to engage in Talent Development Activities | For the Music Industry to Blossom

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The music industry has its own unique modus operandi. While everyone including the new artists and the older ones in most cases, jostling for recognition at the number one spot on the music chart, a new school of thought has emerged that focuses on creating opportunities in the industry.

For the music industry to succeed, going further, the Older Gz has to be more proactive in the economic scheme of things.

Stovaz – Morgeez Executive

This was a clarion call made by Stovaz in an exclusive interview on Hillbrow Radio 24-7 urging older musicians to start thinking in the direction of investing their times more on growth. Opportunities that can help the younger artists have access to information and resources, that can help them develop and grow in the industry.

We all cannot be fighting for number one records, and spots. Somebody has to carry the business of music and be responsible for sustainable growth”. He added.

Stovaz – Morgeez Executive

Stovaz has accused the older musicians of lacking understanding in the business of music and most of all always looking for the easy way out instead of taking the required risk to set up shops and create opportunities for the younger generation.

These assertions might be taken lightly but if one looks down deep into the business of music, older artists need to do more on the music business side instead of fighting for popularity and relevancy till thy kingdom come.

Well, folks, a point has been raised and a valid one for that matter. This is a serious matter of debate that every musician. need to lend their opinions. Let us hear your thoughts below by commenting.

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