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Foxy Brown failed to entertain fans – got a bad wrap- got booed off stage in NY

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Foxy Brown is or was no doubt one of the rap music megastars who fully represented the genre in her hay days. Foxy who has being off the hip hop block and rap music radar for more than 15 years made a surprising appearance at Kandi’s ‘Dungeon Tour,’ in a performance which didn’t went all that well in New York.

Foxy’s performance, if anything to be judged was really of the chart as with every move she made. Her voice were kind of off sync with sound and the whole thing sounded disjointed.

The scenario became to unbearable to watch by the fans who most ’em are way younger and the music supposedly is way out of their reach and knowledge since some or most of them would have being toddlers in the real Foxy Brown days.

Anyway, sometimes they said “every disappointment is a blessing”. What does this whole thing mean? One thing most people agreed upon is that, this whole bad wrap over the weekend has re-ignited the Foxy Brown show.

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