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From Israel Adesanya UFC Title Win to Omos Dominating WWE MITB – Its a Nigerian Week in the US

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Combat Sport was taken over in the United States this past week by two dominant forces in the history of the physical game. And Nigeria (hate or show love) not matter at this point as two of her children took over the games at the top flight.

In wwe #MITB, Omos aka the Nigerian Giant stole the show in the epic men’s Money in the Bank battle. He was a wrecking force in the middle of the ring throughout the best part of the clash with 6 other elite wwe superstars which includes, Seth, Sheamus, Drew, and others.

Omos, was clearly untouchable as he almost single handedly beat everyone until they all 6 pulled up against him to smash him across the announcement desk.

On the other hand, Israel Adesanya, the #UFC Middle Weight Champion was too hot to handle for his opponent as he unanimously cruised to victory in a score of 45-49, 45-49 and 45-50.

Adesanya Defeats Jared
Adesanya Defends and Defeats Jared

Even as his UFC title defense bout trended worldwide, the more captivating headlines was his tribute to wwe megastar, the Undertaker. Even moreso, in a match attended by sports entertainment icons like wwe Chairman, Mr. Vincent Kenedy McMahon and his daughter Stephanie, the wwe CEO.

However, you looked at it, from the Nigerian Giant, Omos in #wwe Money in the Bank episode to Israel Adesanya retaining his coveted UFC Middle weight championship title, the Week surely, was dominated by 2 Nigerian citizens in the US and headlines around the world.

True Greatness is from within.

Christopher Odiley

In this story, one thing only has been made clear; that is, no matter what, greatness is Godly and can never be denied.

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