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Greetings: Let’s Give Thanks to God in spite of All the Lockdowns | Happy Holidays Everyone!

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There’s every reason to give a shoutout to everyone around the world! There’s every need to celebrate as we all survived the year despite all their lock-downs and caging.

It all has been a tumultuous 2 years following the rampant closure of economies, the shutdown of small businesses, and worst of all the total shutdown of livelihoods of so many small businesses without any form of compensation or considerations.

Even as they try to put us all down, they didn’t stop collecting what they feel we owe them. So many many businesses had gone offline forever. So many homes had been broken due to their regulations. So many pains, so many pains, so many pains. They never let us have opinions, we cannot question their moves.

But with the help of God and His infinite mercies, Life Goes on!

There are so many reasons to thank God for the air we breathe, the life we are living, and everything else, we have to say “Thank You, God!

If you agree with me, simply say: “Thank You, God!” with your comments below.

Thank you for reading. I wish you all a lovely and peaceful Holiday!

Remember to share this article as usual to all your social handles and let someone celebrate with us all. Peace!

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