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How Musicians Can Utilize the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Creative Industry | Exclusive Interview

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The Dept of Sports, Arts & Culture, South Africa and UNESCO workshop on the creative industry was an eye-opener as it talks to all the UNESCO Conventions on Heritages, Museum and Creative Arts.

The Workshop was titled: UNESCO CULTURE SECTOR WORKSHOP, with the tagline – “Moving towards implementation of UNESCO Connections in the Arts, Culture and Heritage sector – a Stakeholder approach”; explored most of the UNESCO Conventions as ratified by South Africa. The Keynote Address was presented by the Honorable Min. of Sports, Arts, and Culture.

Of all the Conventions, the one that grab my attention was the 2005 Convention on the creative arts in particular. And for this, Ms. A. Joffe made a presentation on the DIVERSITY OF CULTURAL EXPRESSION, as enshrined in the Convention.

Knowledge is power so they said, no wonder, studying the contents of the UNESCO Convention of 2005 as a creative, will surely put that power that comes with knowledge, in your hand.

In the white paper delivered at the workshop by Ms. Joffe, from Wits University, the path to growth by the creative individuals or groups was fully outlined by the 2005 CONVENTION as ratified by many countries of the world including South Africa.

After, the Workshops, the Morgeez Media Team ran into the academia from the University of Wits, Johannesburg for exclusive interviews in which key questions were asked and you could feel the honesty in her answers as she explained the convention in the simpler terms to the benefit of the creative worker, at the same time providing helpful insight and advice into the collaboration between Unesco and the Government.

Our conversation was split into two parts please take a few minutes to watch the short video clip to learn from this expert. Whether you are a musician or any other spheres of the creative arts industry, you will surely grab information that will help you propel your career to another level of achievements.

As usual, kindly share this information with all your social networks cuz you might be saving someone’s creative career.

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Thanks for reading. You can now watch the full video. Peace!

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  1. Christopher Odiley says

    What a positive message. Well thought through. Helpful.

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