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Editorial: Quick Steps to A Sustainable Independent Music Industry | What’s More Important ?

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The music industry has being split in half over the years. One side, its a heavily monopolized music industry that is widely regarded as mainstream. Where stars are supposedly born out of circumstances depending on who you know. One where financial endowment seem to dominate the headlines but within some controversial parameters. One with shortage of real talent but controlled by commercial gratuity.

The second half of the music industry is often refers to as “Independent” loosely translated into “Indie”. The term “Indie”, has being defined as a person who works within the music industry either as an artist or as a record company without any relationship or binding contract with the so-called “big” or multinational record companies.

Overall interest of the indie music industry

Let’s have a look at the overall interest of the indie music industry. Just like other sectors of every economy, the music industry on its own its a powerful business sector with very many opportunities and room to grow, navigate, explore new avenues for revenues. Like every business sector or industry for that matter, keeping a proper and open playing field of play is highly crucial to its success. For the special interest of the principal actors which, in this case are the music artists, producers, beats makers, songwriters, managers and many more, a sharp focus on the future of the industry needs to be taken very seriously.

Now, what’s more important in the Life of the music artists?

The life-line of the indie music industry is largely dependent on the artist, the music creators in all departments. These groups and many other groups involved in the music industry has to see beyond their own selfish egos and develop a mutual respect, cooperation that can see all players working together for a common purpose of achieving success.

What is the definition of success within the indie music industry?

Great question! in the real world, success might be regarded as accumulating as much wealth as possible. But for the sake of an industry and for a better prospect for the next generation, a successful indie music industry would mean one that has the capability of empowering the role players which includes the artists, the promoters, producers, events organizers within its core.

By empowering would mean, an industry where all active participants has sustainable income streams that clearly defines a stable industry devoid of usurpation.

Christopher Odiley

The enhancing of economic basement of the Indie Music Industry – How to?

If I may stress this point harder enough, the music artists and another players in this industry has to take responsibility for their success or failures. I do not wanna sound like a business coach but in trade, if you do not buy my products manufactured specifically for you, simply means you do not wish me success. Just a simple analogy. This is often the attributes of the indie music industry players as they seldom patronizing each other for various reasons. One good perception, is that another indie radio station, online, cannot help them enough to superstardom. Or another indie producer cannot popularize their music as he has no influence. Just an example, these and many more negative perception towards each-other, are the stumbling block for expansive growth in the indie music industry.

Now What’s Next for a meaningful growth in the indie music industry?

In other to achieve an enduring music industry, the indie music players, must learn how to appreciate each other’s services and contributions. This has to be done by patronizing one another, instead of chasing after the very same mainstream platforms that you always accused of ripping offs. This is just a simple clear message that can have so many parts to it.

Depending on your interpretation of success, once all indie music industry departments starts focusing on it-selves, that is, working together; there’s no doubt in my mind that a suitable alternative music industry that can rival the mainstream, will surely emerge.

An exclusive interview of Music Executive – Mr Christopher Odiley by the Morgeez MAGAZINE Editorial team.

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