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There are some ventures in our lives that are semblance to cracking a cave, planting a rose on a concrete wall, discovering a cure for a disease and parting the sea with a strike of a mantle. Sure, these are gigantic tasks and most of all seemingly impossible heap of rocky mountain to climb. Ha ha ha … but alas! this is what the all new Morgeez Magazine is set overcome to lay the path-way for a glorious indie music industry.

Introducing the All-Refreshed Morgeez Magazine

We are happy and extremely glad to introduce the refreshed Morgeez Magazine. Purely dedicated to the development and enhancement of the indie music industry, the Morgeez Magazine is built to play like no-other in the music and general entertainment industry.

In a world full of trippers, groupies, clout chasers and much more, it is often-times highly unpopular to take on any initiatives that tends to differ in general perspectives. Initiatives that channels the path for growth from the ground up. Efforts driven towards growth with conventional methods contrary to the popular opinion.

1 So, in a nutshell, what does the Morgeez Magazine set-out to achieve?

Let’s quickly break this down:

  • Create original and contextual contents that promotes the indie music industry
  • Announce or publish new music releases with primary focus in indie artists
  • Announce merchandise launches, workshop events or general music concerts
  • Artists interviews and other major music contributors interviews
  • Launch entire music career by publishing your full artistic biography
  • In-dept music reviews with sharp, raw, uncut analysis that can galvanize more quality music productions.
  • Exclusive publication of mainstream music charts and mainstream trends. Something to also tap-in to by indie artists and fans as well.
  • Just launch your new clothing brands as a fashion designer.
  • Get acquainted with little bit of politics to have a sense of what’s happening around you politically.

…it is often-times highly unpopular to take on any initiatives that tends to differ in general perspectives.

Christopher Odiley

Morgeez Magazine is here for you, the indie artist, the young entrepreneur, the exceptional athlete and any one involved in anything regarded as pop culture.

2 How to get involved in get published?

Simply submit your stories for publications by using the Morgeez Magazine Submit Story form.

We simply review your story and get it published. No one is excluded. We welcome all contents creators, music artists, entertainers, sports and brands.

The idea is to bridge the gap. We take the indie music industry to the world. While reawakening the entire world about the importance of the indie music industry. That is the whole agenda. Submit your story now

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