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Indie Artists Finally Gotta Place to Call Home | Fresh Online Radio For ’em Indie Artists

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The tension between radio stations and music creators has always being on the rise with no end in sight. The indie music community has always being feeling left off the air waves and streaming platforms. While the radio stations, both commercial, community and college radios feels the need and pressure to pay their bills by only play-listing the so-called commercial artists music, the indie artists and indie music producers has never being ready to accept the excuses of these stations not to playlist their music for airplay and or streaming online radios as well.

As the back and forth on play-listing and rotation plays between indie artists and the station grows, and as indie artists continue to be left out of the equation finding it hard to reach their audience due to lack of airplay there of; one company has come to their aid at last.

Mor’geez Records and Morgeez Music Distribution had taken the bold step to get this squabbles and ‘game of blames’ between radio platforms and the indie music community erased once and for all. The answer is quite simple: “The Morgeez Radio International”.

What does Morgeez Radio International Does?

According to the CEO of Morgeez Media Group, Mor. Christopher Odiley, “the Morgeez online radio station is simply built for the promotion of indie artists and their music”. Period! “Gone are the days where only the so-called commercial this and that should be heard or seen.” He explained. No more of the suspicious relationship between music compilers and the indie artists community.” He added.

How do Artists Get Their Music on Morgeez Radio International?

The process of getting play-listed is as easy as ABCD. Artist simply submit their music at the Morgeez Support/help-desk link below:
The music pass through a simple music quality check and its done. It get play-listed and place on rotations.
Artists are not charged a penny or a dime or asked to tender/return any form of favor. At Morgeez Radio International, we feel its time to “Let your music be heard, and let your voice be heard too”. That’s how one of the DJ calmly put it.

So if your are an indie artist, what are you waiting? Go ahead, hit the link below: to submit your music now and let your music be heard worldwide.

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