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Launch | The Morgeez Music Artists Service Store | Opportunities for the Indie Artist

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A career-changing opportunity for the indie artists has just be unveiled this weekend by Morgeez Records. The company has announced the first-of-its-kind music artists service store through its dedicated portal

How does the Morgeez Artists Service Store Works?

The operations of the Morgeez Artists Service store is very simple. The music industry components or at least the vast majority of the components that made up the music industry has been broken down into pieces of buyable products and services. This means that an artist or band, can easily go into the store, purchase the services that matter to you at a particular time, and a special team will be dedicated to providing the service for you.

“Over the years, musicians have been engaged in the activities of searching for lucrative contracts in the music industry. Contracts with which they hoped can or could change their lives for the better, financially by ceding their right of ownership to the organizations with which they have engaged in those contracts. But little did they know that most of their copyright has been signed away and when the money keeps coming in, they are hardly ever pleased with the remunerations they would be getting from their creative works. In other, to retrieve your full right to your works by cutting out the middle man, this is why Morgeez has set up this all-in-one Artists Service Store

This is it. This is the beginning of your music career and most of all the beginning of your quest to own your master recordings as an artist.

Mr. Christopher Odiley – CEO

What Artists Services Are Available?

The Morgeez Artists service store is loaded with career-changing music industry services such as:

Will Morgeez Still Have Commission on Artists Music?

No. Not at all. All services provided by the Morgeez Team of music business experts are purely royalty-free. Which means you buy once and that is it. We will not be coming back to demand commissions, nor any form of partnership that requires Morgeez getting paid by everlasting commissions. You completely own your works and every service provided for you is strictly Pay-As-You-Go.

This is a cool music industry game changer that is created for you the indie artist, so you can be the master of your craft for ever. Head straight to the store now and make it happen for your music career.

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