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Introducing Bottom-line | A Music Industry Journey on MorgeezTV Portal

Follow the only music industry program that takes you into the reality of music business

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The music industry is quite an interesting industry where the urge to make quick bucks reigns supreme. More-so, music artists seem to concentrate on the money making urge than the craft of creativity. In a world where everything seem bundled onto social media only, the real business of music often refers to as music business is often forgotten.

The birth of the program “Bottom-line” is an answer to so many hidden opportunities in the music business. In a world where there are too many contents scatted all over the internet, where music seemingly has no more value as it use to, where more than eighty percent of artists gives their music away for absolutely free on the internet, a program like Bottom-line is a juicy piece for the music artists to follow.

What’s cooking and what are the ingredients of whats cooking in the program? According to the producers of Bottom-line:

  1. The program will be streaming on the MorgeezTV Platform
  2. Contents will be based on the inside of Morgeez Records activities as it relates to every aspect of music production, distribution, contracts and publishing
  3. The Program will provide opportunities for viewers to understand the various music business departments and how they operates.
  4. Special guests will be welcome form time to time depending on availability of guest to also contribute to topics and provide various opinions.

The program which is hosted by the CEO of Morgeez himself will be an eye-opener to the music artists and everyone in the music business either as creatives or as business practitioners.

The taste of a meal is in the eating!

Checkout the first episodes of the program which apparently will be helpful to your music career on the MorgeezTV platform. If you would like Morgeez to promote you as an artist, producer, or just mentor you, contact us via the Morgeez Support Desk  here. Don’t forget to comment or share this article with colleagues, friends and family as well.

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