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Kid Tini is the New Force to Recon With

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Kid Tini is no doubt the hip hop act everyone should be looking out for this 2019 going forward. The Eastern Cape born rapper is here to make a lasting imprint on the South African hip hop music scene with the official release of his single “Cinga”. This joint was first release on January 11th, 2019 under the powerhouse of urban and hip hop music stable in South Africa, Ambitouz Entertainment.

Kid Tini has made his intentions clear about what direction his music career should take and not afraid to dare the issues most of his competition rappers wouldn’t be capable of tackling as he explained: “artists my age raps about fun times and parties but no one writes about the consequences of such, My generation deals with a lot but are afraid to talk about abortions and depression and I want to start that conversation.“

Now, what made Kid Tini stand out from the rest, is his flowing, soft rap style, his rhythmic brand of hip hop sound laced with relate-able lyrical contents. A quick listen to the track “Cinga” reveals without a doubt that this bundle of talent has so much more to offer an industry long starving for talented MCs with great contents that can stand the test of time.

They said music never dies and even moreso, greatest artists of all times, has always being judge by the kind of music they put out. Like, what’s the message in their record and what impact does such message will definitely have on the lives of their followers and society at large. Kid Tini has come fully packed with all the ingredients that makes a mega star.

According to the official press release of “Cinga”, the story line of this record and video dealt with the issues of teen pregnancy and societal stigmatization of teen mothers. It handled the emotional depressions and confusions that is associated with being a teen father. Illegal pregnancy termination know as “illegal abortion” and the very many adverse effects. With great knowledge of societal issues, Kid Tini could just be the voice of the youth. “My heart breaks every time a young person loses their life, how long do we tip toe around issues? Talking about real life doesn’t make us uncool- hip hop is about realness and this is what is happening in our community “the rapper said.

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