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Launching The FreshRhyme Music Chart | Get Featured on Radio

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The newborn at Morgeez Radio is the FreshRhyme Music Chart. This is the ultimate music chart dedicated to the promotion of indie music submitted to Morgeez Radio for playlisting and promotion.

The #FreshRhyme music chart will debut the hottest singles of the week on the chart. And listeners are able to vote for their favorite tracks and artists as this will eventually place your faves on the number one spot

What’s in for Indie artists at the FreshRhyme Music Chart

For the indie music artists, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for, to get featured on the Morgeez Radio Chart. Get the votes you need to climb the ladder. Get certified as the talented musician you are. This is the ultimate promotional tool to give you that prominence you need as an indie artist.

How to Enter the Freshrhyme Music Chart on Morgeez Radio

Launching The FreshRhyme Music Chart | Get Featured on Radio 1
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Join the hundreds of artists who submit their music to Morgeez Radio for playlisting. As you all know, we hardly leave any submission behind unless it doesn’t meet our quality control measures. Otherwise, every music submitted is important and reviewed.

However, we have also introduced the VIP Playlisting method which allows us to connect with you more quickly and point out any points of corrections in your recordings if need be. But above all, this helps your music to be playlisted on time and voted for internally for entry into the FreshRhyme music chart. chart.

If you surely wanna see your music taken seriously, listened to, and recommended for the growth of your music career. The opportunities don’t better than getting playlisted and entering into the Morgeez FreshRhyme Music Chart through your simple VIP Playlisting. Or click here for our regular music submission form.

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