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Reviewing The Legacy of Michael Jackson | Fighting Talent Over Lifestyle

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Michael Jackson was arguably one of the most talented performer of all times. The opinions were streaking in from all corners of the globe as to the kind of legacy the “Thriller” mega star left behind. On the 10th anniversary of the passing on of superstar musician. By all ramification, Michael’s name will not be erased from the history books of music, at least not now. The super mega pop star has being at it all round from being the devil to the saint, from the saint back to being the devil.

Now the world is kind of split on the kind of legacy that the once revered king of pop has left us with. While others try to demonize him as a devil who molest children, other’s just wanna keep to his talent and keep on glorifying him for his musical prowess.


Depends what side of the equation you are sitting in, one will has no other choice but to leave your opinion to yourself. Why am i saying that? Now, let’s look at the documentaries and most of the stories of child molestation that were before his death and after his death. Was he ever tried properly and squarely with evidence lead against him and then found guilty and eventually sentenced accordingly? Am not sure if there’s any trial of such except for public court of opinions. Otherwise if there was any trial and guilty judgement, then it should be put out there as well.

But to take a stand of wrong doings again’t someone who doesn’t even live no-more, could possibly means ignorance to reality. So, it will be seemingly proper for a talent to be acknowledged and celebrated even in times of life and death.

There should be no opinion that supersedes righteousness. Having said that, the position of Michael Jackson in history can only be judged by separation of talents or art from the lifestyle. As usual, we appreciate your comment and this is one topic, your opinion will surely be appreciated. Leave your thoughts below…

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