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6 Music Industry Support Platforms to Boost Artists Career

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Morgeez Media Agency has been at the forefront of creating music industry support platforms that are targeted at supporting the independent musician or independent record labels to achieve maximum growth. With massive ambition of putting the power of business into the hands of the independent artist or musicians, Morgeez has been working on various music industry support programs and platforms that will surely boost ownerships of creative works and thereby creating uniform identity and business modules for the indie music community.

Music Distribution Platform to Support the music industry

In the bid to support music artists and independent record labels with honest music distribution system. Morgeez has set up the Morgeez Music Portal. Musicians or indie record labels are able to signup with a very small fee and release as many tracks as they could within the year.

As an artist, using the Morgeez Music Distribution platform, we put the power of ownership into your hands. Your sales are managed by you you and your commission on sales is 100%. Its your work and its totally your income.

Artists Management Platform

It is a common knowledge that successful musicians or a successful music career as an artist is mostly the one supported with professional artist manager or artist management team. To this effect, Morgez has setup the Morgeez Artists Management Portal

The Morgeez Artists Management portal takes care of your management and artist marketing strategy that is highly resourceful to your career as an artist. Opportunity to have your professional artist profile created for a better artistic image that well-articulates your talent and showcase you for various music industry opportunities such as bookings for performances, promotion of you music, getting booked directly and many more.

Music Promotion Platform

Support the Music industry
Morgeez Radio

The Morgeez music promotion program has led the company to setting up of Morgeez Magazine, MorgeezTV and Morgeez Online Radio.

All of these resources are practical and hands-on online facilities designed to enhance the music artists career with regards to promotion, marketing and related activities.

Talent Management Platform

The Morgeez Talent Management Port is heaven for talents such as Voiceover artists, comedians, dancers, MCs, DJs music producers, models, actors and others who requires the services of professional artist manager and booking agency. In most cases, talents finds it hard to source these talent managers that will be well-vested on their success.

Hence Morgeez Talent Agency was born out of the company passion and desire to assist these talents in getting this much needed talent management services. This is a professional talent management platform that enables talents to get booked directly without commission deducted from their gigs performed. Or associate commission deduction for even a more hands-on talent manager and booking agency services, Bottom-line is your peace of mind been mentored and managed by experience talent management company like Morgeez Talent Management and Booking Agency.

Talent Development Platform to Support the Music industry

Morgeez place very premium emphasis on Talent Development. This is because when talents are well developed, they are able to deliver impeccable performances. And when they keep delivering world-class performances, their revenue streams increases as this create a better industry and a better life for all.

To a achieve proper talent development within the music and entertainment industry in general, the Morgeez Events Portal is home to vital talent development programs within the calendar year that are all aimed to helping the talent develop and raise the bar on their performances. Visit Morgeez Events Portal now.

Morgeez Legacy Studios

This is one spot at the Morgeez Media Company that everyone would love. The Morgeez Legacy Studios is a classic and ultra-modern audio and video recording studios that is housing the Morgeez Music or Commercial Audio Production Studios.

The Visual production studio covers anything from professional photography to music video recording and editing services. Beyond, the music industry service, the Morgeez Legacy Studios is able to create and produce commercial marketing videos for brands and corporates. This is the bedrock of high-end audio-visual production services. Go to the Morgeez Production portal for studios information and bookings.


By-and-large is well vested in the business of music. Our goal is to ensure practices and platforms that are sustainable to the advantage of the various talents that are partakers in the music industry. Simply click any of the links above for details of related platforms and how you can use them to your advantage.

Thanks for reading. As usual, we encourage you to help us share this article as you might just be saving someone else’s music career. Remember to comment too below. Click here to contact us for any inquiries.

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