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Liv Morgan Made Historical Cash in of Money In The Bank Briefcase

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It was one of the biggest offset in the history of #wwe as Liv Morgan cashed in Her money in the bank briefcase to win her first Smackdown Women Championship.

As the rule of the #MITB ladder match stipulates, the winner can cash it on any championship title of his or her chosen, anytime anyplace within the year.
This is exactly the opportunity, Liv Morgan had ciezed to cashin on Rhonda Rousy who had just defeated her challenger after a highly technical Smackdown Championship title bout.

The same day cashin of a money in the bank briefcase is a rare move which has made Liv Morgan open up the history books as the first woman to cashin her #MITB briefcase on the same night of winning it.
Making became a double championship winner on the same night.

For Liv, her long road to greatness had just began and her long championship drought had eventually came to an end. Now, the “Champ is, Liv.”

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