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Mase Took a Swipe at P. Diddy his Former Bad Boy Record Label Boss over His Music Ownership


Mase was one of the most commercially successful MCs in the late 90s and was signed to P. Diddy’s record label, Bad Boy. At the Just Concluded Grammy Awards, P. Diddy had went on what some called “rampage” criticizing record label or music industry bosses that are termed, “White owned” to start giving the so called “Black” artists what it is rightfully due to them in terms of their musical works ownership. And this brought out the rage on Mase who accuses P. Diddy of taking a hypocritical stands on doing right when it comes to music publishing rights.

And Mase also quoting Meek Mills recent comment about white record labels taking advantage of your black musicians as a way of calling them to his own label. Mase lashes out at the black record label owners like Puff Daddy and recently, Meek Mill, Roc Nation and others who are heavily taking advantage of their race to rip off their own black young artists.

Take a look at the Mase fury at P. Diddy and other black owned record label bosses. And his encounter with the Bad Boy record label boss regarding buying back the publishing right of his work.

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