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Interview: Maz Wavez on His Layla Album And His Musical Journey

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Some artists are born creatives. This could be somewhat a description that befits Maz Wavez as he officially dropped his album, Layla. This is a one-of-a-kind hip hop album that fuses real subject matters of life to the end of street rap filled with fun, and best of the party rap music types.

maz wavez - LayLa
Maz Vavez – LayLa

Maz Wavez made this announcement in an interview with Christopher Odiley on the Morgeez Radio program Street Beatz in a fun-filled conversation. The music promotion program that saw Layla debut at N0.4 on the Morgeez Radio music chart saw tracks like “Pink Frazier”, “Yoh” and “Run City” partially performed live by Maz Wavez.

The rapper who poses as an intelligent music composer and producer shares his life experience and his focus on the brand of hip hop/rap music that saw him draws inspiration from an unusual music inspiration sources such as world heavyweight boxing champions and boxing legends like Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali.

The energy and confidence exude by Maz Wavez is that of a young musician who knows his music very well and with a drive to keep working on his craft, to take his musical skills to the level that could be described as “unbeatable”.

I just wanna keep working on my craft and perfecting my music. The Album, LayLa is a proof of the steps that I have taken towards standing out as a rapper.

Maz Wavez

The album which is now available at the Morgeez Music Store is distributed by Morgeez Music Distribution and licensing with Morgeez Music Licensing. Check it out and download your favorite tracks here.

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