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Meek Mill New Album Cover Stirs Some Controversies

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Rapper @MeekMill dropped a new album, called “Expensive Pain”. The album which is now available in all digital stores tackles mental health, criminal justice reform, and more.

But how could an album with good intention such as tackling mental health and social justice for all, displays women of color with such naked cartoon images? This is the question in the mind of many people.

Photos speak for themselves. so, no matter what one might think or say about the album art, the picture is clear for you to see and use your own imagination. If perhaps, this is for a publicity stunt to controversially get in the minds of the people for the album’s streaming attention, then, somehow, the purpose is achieved.

But some are questioning the issue of morality and decency in the portrayal of women as displayed in the art.

Meek who also dropped the album cover in numerous outlets and public places in America including buses, billboards, and venues, etc, also announced a special release concert at Madison Square Garden on October 23

If fighting for social justice and a better life for black people means an album cover of such nature, then hip hop has taken this thing to the extreme.

If this topic of controversy about Meek Mill’s album cover art means anything to you, please share and leave your comments below.

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