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Minister of Arts – Nathi Mthethwa Apologies as Call for his Resignation Increases

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The Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Min. Nathi Mthethwa has been reported to have “lost touch” with the industry he represents. That’s the perception from practitioners and performers in the arts industry. This perception was spurred by utterances made by the South African Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture via a tweet he posted about the state of the arts industry in South Africa where he has stated that the arts industry is well alive:

This sparked an outrage where performers, art practitioners and entrepreneurs accused the minister of undermining the sufferings and plight of the entire players in the industry. The flurry of angry tweet in response to the minister’s utterances became a testimony to the reality on ground as calls for his resignation increases. And this has seen the #NathiMustGo building moment across all spectrum of the arts industry.

Minister Mthethwa Apologizes to the Art industry.

In an official media statement released through spokesperson for the department of sports, arts and culture, the Minister has tendered a remorseful apology, although its impact is yet to be seen.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its multi-regulatory policies and lockdowns has left nearly many industries broken in pieces. The performing arts industry including every aspect of entertainment that carries the life-weight of every performer, has being put on hold and in jeopardy and everybody is aware of the situations.

Even though as musicians, theater performers, and the entertainment industry in general has been on lockdown since the begin of lockdowns in early 2019 to-date and with no end in sight. The much expected covid-19 relief promised to the industry is yet to trickle down to its members.

But the depart has reiterated its resolve to expedite disbursement of the relief packages so that music artists, theater performers and other performers can have some sense of relief as well. The result is much awaited for by those concerned

Let us know what you think and feel as this is a serious matter in the performing art industry. Leave your comments below.

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