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Breaking News | Morgeez Launches its own Music Streaming Service

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Simply called Morgeez Music and referred to as the Home of Indie Artists, the newly lunched music streaming service by Morgeez will be that all-important port of call for the independent artists worldwide.

According to the release article published at the Morgeez Community Center for Talents, the portal will provide such important services such as music streaming, promotion and opportunity for artists to get listed on the Morgeez Artists Booking Agency portal as well for even bigger opportunities for gigs bookings.

Talk is cheap, action is golden.

Christopher Odiley – Exec Producer

What’s the cost of listing your music at Morgeez Music?

It is totally free for the Music artist or musicians to signup at Morgeez Music and list their music. Once you are signup with a very easy step of less than a minute, then you request verification as an artist. This is also a free process.

Once you are verified, you can start to upload your tracks, albums or EP. This is as easy as they gets. While you are fully secured.

How do I make money from my Music as a Musician?

Besides all the goodies you get such as free promotion and booking opportunities, you are very much blessed with the opportunity to make huge income from your music by selling Download copies of your music to visitors and customers worldwide.

You monitor your sales, you get paid by withdrawing your funds anytime. You simply pay Morgeez a commission of your sales. See whatta mean?

Even as we will be bringing you more updates on features of The Morgeez Music streaming service, simply go and try it out now.

If you have any questions, we welcome you to the Morgeez Community and post on the Forum. We are always ready to assist you even further.

Sign up now to Morgeez Music.

As usual, remember to share this article link to all your social media handles and mailing list. You might just be saving someone’s else music career. Leave your comments below!

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