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Breaking News – Morgeez Returns With a Banging Radio and Music Distribution Platform

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The fourth quarter of 2021 was a hectic one at the Morgeez camp. Especially, with the Morgeez Rap Battle 2.0. Talent Development Program. Due to the hectic schedules, Morgeez was forced to call an immediate and unexpected pre-season break last week, even as the year comes to an end.

The pre-season break saw activities put on hold for the week, last week while we were attending to technical issues within. This move will be beneficial to everyone in the general music industry at large as we have managed to include and expand on our technical abilities that will produce even greater results for all our clients and fans in the long run.

Morgeez Magazine Returns with a Bang
Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0

Topping the Agenda as Morgeez Magazine Returns

Top on the list will be the final league of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0 as the exercise comes to its final conclusion this weekend. For those still contacting us regarding entry, you may wait till next year.

Also, the Morgeez service store has taken the initiative to expand on its range of music industry services. Making it easy for independent role players in the music industry would now have a convenient and accessible shop where all relevant promotional plans and packages are for sale. Including MAJOR PR and communication services, production services, and talent development services are now for grabs at the Morgeez Service Shop.

Music Distribution and Streaming Platform for Indie Artists

Morgeez has been working hard on its Music distribution and Morgeez Radio divisions for some time now, which has some great news and announcement coming soon. Click here to start distributing your music or buy original music now.

If you have been following Morgeez, you will understand that we are fully committed to creating that second-tier music industry that can be sustainable and independent enough to grow and expand. One that can give us the rights we deserve as creatives and most of all turn our craft into sustainable income-generating endeavors.

This is why we are committed to making sure that the Morgeez Music Distribution Platform provides ample opportunity for indie artists to be able to distribute their music while in total control.

What’s in For Magazine Readers and Music Industry in General?

The talk of re-launching the Morgeez Online radio platform has been on the table for a while now. And during this short pre-season break, Management has indicated that technical works have been going on to ensure the station returns with even a bigger bang this time.

Works are at advanced stage at Morgeez Radio Station and listeners and streamers should rest assured that we will make them happy and proud this time as there’s something for everyone.

Christopher Odiley – CEO, Morgeez Media Agency

Watch this space for further announcements on the Morgeez Radio platform and the Morgeez Music Distribution and Music Streaming Portal. With all these facilities in place, the music industry would have another heavy player in Morgeez comes 2022.

Call for Music Submissions

With all these platforms in place; from Online radio to Online Magazine, online TV to Music Distribution and Streaming portal, Morgeez has opened its doors for all independent artists, independent record labels, music producers, and others, to submit their music either for playlisting on Morgeez Radio or for digital distribution at Morgeez Music Distribution.

We will be with you all through the season, so expect more great music industry innovations and announcements. Stay connected to the Morgeez Magazine for updates by subscribing (at the bottom of the page) to our newsletters.

Do you have any questions or any topic of inquiry, visit the Morgeez Support Desk to contact us or simply join the Morgeez Community Center for easy interaction. You may also leave your comments below.

Take advantage of our easy but effective PR communication service at special discounted rates now. Click here to learn more. Remember to share this article with all your socials, as you might be saving someone’s music career.

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