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Press Release: Morgeez Magazine Returns with a Big Bang – Let Your Stories Be Told

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Morgeez Mag Returns after nearly 3 months of absence from the radar. The magazine as part of Morgeez Media Group has been passing through massive upgrades recently.

This formed the operational and developmental plan by Morgeez Media who has been upgrading its infrastructures, both online and onsite across all its platforms.

Christopher Odiley – CEO

Other areas of massive infrastructural developments and upgrade at Morgeez Media includes:

  1. The Morgeez Talent Agency Portal. Dedicated to talent booking and talent casting services.
  2. Morgeez Artists Music Management Portal. A platform for music artists management, promotion and direct bookings for gigs.
  3. The Morgeez Legacy Studios The audio and video recording studios fully setup at the Morgeez HQ with special online booking information on its dedicated portal.
  4. The Morgeez Events Portal. A complete information center and special calendar for all Morgeez Official Events all through the year.
  5. The Morgeez Official Shop for music industry and media contents production services. At the Morgeez services shop, music industry services and media production services are stripped into buyable products.
  6. The Morgeez Support Desk, a formal help desk developed to streamline our communication with you for effective help on services.
  7. The Online Morgeez Television Portal. Dedicated to promoting music, creative innovations and entertain.
  8. The Morgeez Online Radio Portal. A powerful tool and platform for releasing and promoting your music, products launch and more…
  9. The Morgeez Community. Is a platform for music industry and contents producers to meet, communicate and share interactive ideas as it relates to careers. Join the Community Now!
Full blown entertainment magazine for your delight

What’s in For Music Industry and Media Contents Producers

This new development at Morgeez Media Agency is set to add special value to the career of music artists, small to medium creative media producers and the general public at large.

Judging by the above platforms as setup and run by Morgeez, producing your music, promoting your products and services or even showcasing your crafts at Morgeez Events are now made easy.

By and large, the benefits of the Morgeez infrastructural revamps is crucial to assisting anyone achieve so much in related careers.

How to Utilize Any of the Morgeez Portals?

For anyone wishing to use or find more information about any of the above mentioned portals, simply click on the links and heads up to the particular portal.

There are tones of information available in individual portals as to how they can help you. There are also bundles of commonly asked questions and answers populated at the FAQ section of the Morgeez Support Desk. So there’s something for everyone. Should you find it hard to find what you are looking for, you are welcome to submit a support ticket with topic of inquiry and we are there to assist you 24/7

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