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PSA: Fresh off the Grill is a New Media Agent

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Eventually, the work that was taking place at Morgeez Media Agency and the Morgeez Studios surely, yields the expected dividends. This is true testament to the all new Morgeez Home that is built around enhancement of services and productivity within the media industry.

Whats the Aim of the New Morgeez Media Agency Home?

Focusing on a variety of tools that are geared towards, providing excellent media production and consultation services within the music industry, communication and brand content marketing strategy. The official home of Morgeez on the web, its a meeting point for the creatives, the talented and the community of fans or clients.

Music Industry Gain from the Morgeez Media Agency New Home?

PSA: Fresh off the Grill is a New Media Agent 1
Music Distribution Packed with Promotion

The measures of resources for the music industry as embedded in the new Morgeez Media Agency Home is surely one that every musician, producer and independent record labels would love to appreciate.

Among the many products and services one can obtain easily as musician or indie label, includes,

  • Artists Management or Artist Representation
  • Music Distribution
  • Music Promotion
  • Music Streaming
  • Artists Booking Agent
  • Talent Development and Mentoring

This is truly the home of the independent musician and other talent within the entertainment industry.

What are the Benefit of Client at Morgeez Media Agency?

HD Audio and Video Recording Studio

The traditional media contents creation, distribution and publication is still the primary component that directly impact the business operations of its clients.

Production facilitation has both new and improved service modules that stands to benefit the clients and their brands directly, includes the newly added:

  1. Web Hosting and Web Design services
  2. Web video production
  3. General marketing video production
  4. Radio ads and jingles production
  5. Music Production and other commercial audio and video production services carefully planned for effective delivery to the client and to clients prospects though various publication and distribution channels such as email marketing, Morgeez Magazine, Morgeez Radio, MorgeezTV Online and others.

Finally, a quick dash into the Morgeez Home will surely give you the ample access to all of the above and more.

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