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Morgeez meets KasieFM 97.1 to Discuss Talent Development in Music Industry | AS addressed by Stovaz

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The question of talent development in music especially in hip hop music won’t just go away, at least not that easily. As this is the core of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale series, Stovaz has taken his awareness campaign for this crucial aspect of the music industry to KasieFM 97.1 as he sat down with the radiant presenter Black Diamond, in one of the station’s syndicated programs “Friday Drive-Thru”.

Why Focus on Talent Development in Rap Music?

When asked why lays emphasis on developing talents in music as opposed to working with already-made artists? as the owner of Morgeez Records, Stovaz gave an emotionally packed answer that personify his journey so far in music. As he stressed the point that growing as a young boy with hopes and dreams to become a superstar, that he hadn’t found anyone to help him with any form of mentoring or anyone willing to open their heart for showing the way on how things could be done right to avoid common mistakes.

These were some of the key reasons that motivated him to dedicate his time to talent development so that young talents or aspiring artists can have this special opportunity of getting mentored through various platforms including competitions, workshops, and others.

morgeez meets kasiefm 97.1
(left): Black Diamond of KasieFM, then (right): Stovaz of Morgeez Records

What is the Benefit of Talent Development in the Music Industry?

The benefits according to Stovaz are unquantifiable. As the saying always goes, that “Knowledge is power”, Stovaz believes that inculcating music business knowledge into the minds of the young artists, will better equip them with better skills of how to approach their career in a more meaningful way that could generate positive results.

Stovaz then went ahead to urge, music industry players to borrow a leaf from the athletics and general sporting world on how “decently dedicated” to their craft these people are. From the development stage to the top-level professional stage.

It’s a mouth full and resourceful interview that everyone in the music industry has to watch. Now available on the MorgeezTV Channel on YouTube and also on the Morgeez TV Portal.

Do you really think that chasing talent development or making talent development programs a mission is helpful to the growth of the music industry? Please leave your comments below. And remember to share this article with all your social media handles as you might be saving someone’s else music career.

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