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Sending and Receiving Green Signals at Morgeez Radio International

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This could be another milestone in the Morgeez quest to creating that “Second music industry” as the CEO of Morgeez Records will put it. Word had it long ago that Morgeez will be debuting its very own online radio sometimes this year but no one saw it coming this early,

The launch of the Morgeez Radio International had taken us all by surprise as there was no fixed time frame in the previous mention of the station. Quite frankly everyone thought it would be sometime by the end of the first quarter of the year (20210.

Boom! here it comes. “the official Morgeez Radio International online streaming radio station”.

According to Morgeez Management, the station will be known as the “home of indie artists” worldwide as its main focus is this demographic of musicians who seem to be forgotten by mainstream media. If their current and opening playlist is anything to go by, this is really the “home of the indie artists”.

Go to Morgeez Radio

According to the Welcome Article released and posted on the Morgteez Radio portal, the station will be streaming multiple urban music genres but with hip hop and rap music as its primary genre. It was an open welcome article urging all indie artists worldwide to converge at the station for easy music playlisting and most importantly, easy music promotion opportunities.

Basically, if you are an indie artist still struggling to get your music playlisted, here’s the opportunity you have been waiting for. Head straight to Morgeez Radio International right away and “let your music be heard”!

Please lets have your comment as usual and remember to share on all your socials. You might just be saving someone’s music career. Peace!

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