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Does Morgeez Records Have What it Takes To Make Lasting Impact in the Music Industry?

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The independent music industry has its fair share of progress or per se, its fair share of upheavals in recent memories to date. The changes in approach to the music industry mainly orchestrated by technology have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the many changes and dynamism generated by technological advancements have enabled many opportunities to spring up within the independent music industry circle.

Technology and Indie Music Platforms – What are the Specific Impacts

If we take a look at the upward and downward progression of the music industry in general, depending on where you stand, either, independent or mainstream, there are many occurrences in the various sectors of the general music industry that has seen an immense amount of changes. Whether you are making big money or not, there’s one consensus that the digital age has affected every fabric of the music business.

When we talk of the changes and new ways of doing business in the music industry, one can attest to the fact that the following prominent departments of disciplines within the music business have been grossly affected either negatively or positively whichever way you feel it. These some of the music business departments massively affected by the new digital age:

  1. production
  2. distribution
  3. promotion
  4. branding
  5. overall music publishing
  6. Performances
  7. Consumption pattern and others.

Does Independent Record Labels Like Morgeez Have a Chance?

The main question is, that of survival of the independent record labels or anyone for that matter including producers and DJs or small companies springing up as record labels. Do they have what it takes to even move an inch towards progress as smaller record labels? Do they even have what it takes to sign an artist, promote an artist and distribute their artist’s music?

These are some of the primary burning questions directly pointed at independent record labels fighting to cut a piece of the pie of the music industry. This is where Morgeez Records play and the answer in particular is wrapped around Morgeez Records as well. As a tradition, Morgeez like to keep it real at all times. So, the answer to these questions will reveal it selves as you read on.

What are the Basic Requirements for the Survival of a Macro Independent Record Label?

In this scenario of focusing on what the macro independent record label needs to have to survive, this is where the comparison with Morgeez is drawn. Size of operation is important but not quite relevant as long as exercises can be effectively carried out and executed within the music industry. To this effect, if you are a record label like Morgeez, the below points of reference would be highly relevant to the operations of any indie record label.

  1. Recording Studio
  2. Talented and qualified music producer
  3. Songwriters
  4. Audio Mixing and Mastering engineer
  5. Basic visual image production equipment, either stills or motion pictures.
  6. Semi pro-DOP will be very helpful
  7. Visual editor or image manipulator with the ability to achieve the certain acceptable standards.
  8. Then the need for a music business administrator
  9. Release planner
  10. Distribution platforms, in-house and external
  11. Promotional platforms, in-house and external
  12. Bookings management, inhouse or external
  13. Performance articulation process
  14. Performance techniques orientation
  15. Branding and packaging

Considering the above list, one can attest to the fact that the music business is not a joke nor setting up an independent record label like Morgeez, is not a walk-in-the-park. However, it can be done.

The Digital Platforms that Makes All the Differences in the Music Business.

The music business has finally transited and parked by the realms of digital platforms. As a result, every aspect of the business is better performed digitally. This is why at Morgeez Records, we have set up the below digital infrastructures to power the affairs of the company as a record label.

  1. For music recording studio =
  2. For music distribution =
  3. For artists management and imaging =
  4. For talents booking management =
  5. For events schedules and ticket sales =
  6. For contents marketing/promotion publication =
  7. For online radio streaming with full online radio facilities =
  8. For online tv streaming and promoting music videos and other visuals =
  9. For technical support and general inquiries =

So, all of the above list have been thoroughly setup by Morgeez and they are all fully functional platforms ready for the push of artists on the Morgeez roster.

Final Question: Is Morgeez Records Ready for the music Industry?

If this is a question posed by a class teacher to students, the answer might sound confusing. But in the real world where they said action speaks louder than words, the bottom-line is “seeing is believing”. Hence at this stage, judging by the above platforms and infrastructures that Morgeez have setup, the answer is an emphatic “YES”. MORGEEZ RECORDS IS FULLY READY for the music industry.

Take sometime to checkout all the links of our digital platforms and understand the state of readiness at Morgeez Records. If you are an unsigned, independent artist between the ages of 17 to 24years old or you know anyone of that range, hit us up at the Morgeez Support Desk

And if you are a client seeking help with your media production or a major record label seeking the help of on-the-ground independent record label, contact us at the Morgeez Support Desk now and we are happy to assist you.

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