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MorgeezTV Channel Hits the 1Ks Mark on YouTube with Straight-up Original Contents Only

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Hard work pays off they said. And most importantly if this hard work is original, straight from the heart and undiluted, that’s even more interesting. This is the case with the MorgeezTV channel on YouTube as it joins the class of the Ks subscribers.

Originality of Contents at MorgeezTV

Taking the unpopular risk to focus mainly and only on internally generated contents within the Morgeez operations, the management of Morgeez Media Agency as headed by our founder, Mr. Christopher “Stovaz” Odiley were highly elated about the report from Google midweek.

This is a sign that the world is noticing our works built on original contents only.

Stovaz – CEO

These remarks suggest and explain the level of satisfaction with the Morgeez working committee. Some members of the company were so happy with others attesting that they will continue creating original content that can have a meaningful impact on the lives of their subscribers and others who will be visiting the MorgeezTV Channel and eventually subscribing.

Maintaining Consistency of Contents Publishing

Rome was not built in a day. Gradually, and with time, our original contents will resonate more and we will continue on the growth path with undiluted contents.

Stovaz – CEO

Although we are dealing with somehow the issue of not posting regularly, we are looking at resolving that constraint and becoming more consistent so that our subscribers and on-coming subscribers can enjoy our wealth of wisdom in the music and entertainment industry that we are sharing with the world.

About MorgeezTV Portal

Besides the MorgeezTV Channel on YouTube, the official MorgeezTV Portal is the right place to see and watch all our original programs without any distractions. Every program is originally created by Morgeez creatives for your viewing pleasure with the aim to entertain, educate and motivate viewers.

As we will progress, we will be more regular in updating our programs and making sure that our subscribers are well-fed with original content from the heart.

Are Contents Creators Welcome at MorgeezTV?

As a matter of our open policy of working with talented individuals and groups. MorgeezTV is open to welcoming other talents to the Morgeez fold, either as freelance contributors or even real-time contents creators.

Hence this is an open challenge or open call per se to young talented and vibrant original contents creators seeking opportunities to be associated with original content-driven organizations like Morgeez Media Agency.

Finally, we hereby invite every creative and original content consumer to subscribe to the MorgeezTV Channel. Please share this link on all your social handles and let’s continue to grow as a community of original contents creators and consumers.

Do you have any stories to publish or are you in need of to complete PR service? Click here. We will love to hear from you. Please visit the Morgeez Support Desk to contact us or join the Morgeez Community.

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