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Game Changer: A Music Distribution Platform with free Artists Promotion and Booking Facilities

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Behold, the world of music distribution, music promotion and artists management service has just got a new boost. The musical journey of the indie artists has just got fresh boost.

Taking the hustling, jostling and bustling by #indieartists to get their music placed on all major music distribution platform account, there won’t have been any better time than now to have a game-changer in the music distribution industry. The Morgeez Artists Portal has become the ultimate game-changer.

According to Mr. Christopher Odiley founder of Morgeez Records and the Morgeez Media Group,

Game Changer: A Music Distribution Platform with free Artists Promotion and Booking Facilities 1

“the Morgeez Artists Portal will very much soon become the leader in global music distribution”.

The features of the Morgeez Artists Portal with regards to music distribution, music promotion and artist bookings are highly valuable resources that none of the known names in the digital music distribution industry can provide for the indie artists except on the Morgeez Artists Portal.

In a recent interview with one local news paper, he poses the below question:

You pay ’em music placement agencies to place your music on all digital music distribution platforms. After the placement upon collecting your placement fees, then, what’s next? What else do they do for y’all ?

Christopher Odiley

So, in addition to creating your professional artists profile that is more like a mini artists website on the Morgeez Artists Portal, You will have the opportunity to enjoy the most important services which are already incorporated into the platform. These includes:

  • Bookings for events
  • Promoting your music
  • Your booking agency contacts
  • Your personal manager contacts
  • Listing, Announcing and Promoting your events
  • Adding your music videos
  • Adding external links such as your soundcloud links or other external stores
  • Add your socials links
  • Portal for both the Label and Indie Artists
  • and the list of opportunities is almost endless.

Good things comes to those who reach out for them. Checkout the Morgeez Artists Portal today and change the way your music distribution works either as an indie artists or as an indie record label. Start getting the treatment your deserve as a creative musician and most of all start raking in the sales, the bookings and the cash of course. Simply grab your music distribution plan here.

They said, seeing is believing. So it will be nice if you click here and checkout the amazing features available at the Morgeez Artists Portal. Also have a look at the demo video below.

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