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A Valentine Gift | Media Agency and Music Industry | How to operate independently

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Being independent could be as attractive and as bogously juicy. But when you consider the implications of resources anf requirements, many business-minded people will opt to embrace dependency. The heart to tackle situations on your own could be the single gift that can propel an independent entrepreneur to succeed.

Lesson from Morgeez Media Agency

Christopher Odiley, Founder of the Morgeez Media Agency, registered as Mor’geez Records was simply born with that original independent state of mind. Even as a young man growing up, Mr. Christopher never let any circumstances in between his creations and entrepreneural dreams. Hence Morgeez Media Agency has the tentacles to operate for decades now as an independent entity

What tools you need to successfully run an independent media agency?

Before explaining away, what you need and what you do not need to successfully run a media agency, let me first of all stress the importance of talent, talent, talent and passion.

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How could the above mean anything in setting up and running a media agency? Simple! No matter how much of degree, or whatever motivation you have, the gift of talent has to be driven by your passion for the media industry. Once you have married these two elements, then you are sure on your way.

Choosing your passion rightly?

At Morgeez Media Agency, we realize the importance of alignment earlier on and this is apparently driven by the natural gift of talent possessed by Mr. Christopher Odiley, who happens to be self-groomed in the music industry.

Hence we have vested our interest in the creation, production and distribution of contents. These three core duties are highly crucial to the success of any media agency independently.

List of platforms by Morgeez Media Agency

in a world where focus and attention is more on socializing on the Apps, many small businesses and entrepreneurs has had tough times setting up any platforms that can belong to them; if you know what i mean?

But Morgeez has managed to borrow a natural leaf of resilience and join the few small businesses that has setup their own platforms against all odds. To this effect, the below are some of the platforms setup, run and own by Morgeez Media Agency:

  1. Morgeez Radio
  2. Morgeez Magazine
  3. MorgeezTV
  4. Morgeez Music Distribution
  5. Morgeez Production
  6. Morgeez Talent Agency
  7. The Morgeez Service Store
  8. The Morgeez Events Portal
  9. The Morgeez Support Desk and the
  10. Morgeez Community Center

Alll of the above platforms are accessible through the Morgeez official homepage or independently.

Other platform successfully setup by Morgeez Media Agency is our very own online mall dedicated to helping small businesses and products distributors. This is call Marketplace Africa. You can check it out here.

In a nutshell, Morgeez Media Agency can surely be your go-to a agency when it comes to dedicated PR services, contents creation and distribution etc.

What Does All these means?

That anyone can setup and run successful media agency business provided they have the talent and passion to pursue their visions.

If you feel motivated, or have any contribution, please drop them on the comments box.

As usual, kindly share this article to all your social media handles as you might be inspiring someone out there.

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Thanks for reading. Peace!

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