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Music Industry: Hope at End of the Tunnel for Independent Artists | Producer and Indie Labels

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Music Artists, Producers, and Indie record labels have wakened to the call that, at least there’s hope at the end of the music industry tunnel as Morgeez releases an official list of music industry platforms created by the company to assist the independent music producers, artists, and record labels.

The list of platforms contains various resources that have been fully set up and functionally ready for use by the artists and everyone involved in the independent section of the music industry. Below is a quick rundown of the list that can or has the power to change your career for the better. This was shared as an official social letter on FB and it reads:

“Dear Artists, Producers, indie labels, and others, here’s a special invitation to join the Morgeez Fam. Let’s make use of all the music industry platforms Morgeez has put in place to help you move forward. Specially designed platforms for music promotion, music distribution, artists management, mentorships, etc.”

1. Submit your music for play-listing at Morgeez Radio International

2. Submit music videos for promotional streaming at the MorgeezTV Portal

3. You need a manager as an artist,  so join, The Morgeez Artists Portal

4. Let’s License your music for even bigger opportunities through the Morgeez Music Licensing Portal

5. Let’s package your Talent for marketability. Join Morgeez Talent Agency Portal

6. Let’s publish your stories, biographies, announce your new releases, introduce your merchandise, etc using the Morgeez Magazine

7. Let’s connect, share ideas, and interact at the Morgeez Community Center

8. Produce your music in proper recording studios at the Morgeez Legacy Studios

9. For every music industry help and services that you need, get it at the Morgeez Official Store

10. For competitions, workshops, screentests and other talent development programs,

That was the message and it is advisable for you to check out all those links as it relates your career in the music industry or simply share for those in the music industry can find this useful information.

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